We are excited to welcome you back to Chatora!

We will be opening our doors to dine-in customers on the 4th of July.


Chatora has gone through an intensive preparation and a non-exhaustive ongoing checklist to comply with COVID-19 regulations. The objective of our hard work for the last four weeks is to keep workers and customers safe in our restaurant. There are many steps that we have taken behind the scenes to make sure that our customers eat in a safe environment. These are very strict steps that we have implemented and trained our staff fully to comply with so that both customers and staff are safe. As we welcome our guests from Saturday 4th July we would also like to point out certain steps for customers to take during your visit. This list is very short and non-exhaustive and I’m sure you are already aware of most of them.

This is in line with the requirement from HM Government guidelines.

What we are doing:

  1. Designed a completely new menu dictated by our customers opinions and demands. This menu is as seasonal and locally sourced as possible.
  2. Cleaned our kitchens and all storage included refrigeration to the highest standards.
  3. Trained all our staff to abide by personal hygiene, personal presentation and PPE where needed.
  4. Trained our staff to wash their hands and surfaces more frequently.
  5. Keeping the activity time involved as short as possible.
  6. Observe social distancing.
  7. Use back to back or side to side working, rather than face to face, where possible.
  8. Reduced number of people each person has contact with by using fixed teams or partnering.
  9. Provided our staff with extra uniforms so they can be washed more frequently.
  10. Will be following a one way system for traffic flow purposes.
  11. Will use gloves and masks where possible.
  12. Asked staff to avoid public transport.
  13. Staggered our shift patterns and starting times.
  14. Advised our staff to use hand sanitiser or hand washing facilities as they enter the restaurant before they start their shift.
  15. The staff at Chatora will maintain social distancing at all times
  16. We have designed a menu with thorough descriptions so there are less questions to be asked to help staff maintain social distancing at all times. .
  17. All cutlery, crockery, glass and condiment containers have been sterilised at high temperatures. 
  18. Touching as little surfaces as possible
  19. Working with landlords and neighbours to ensure designated waiting areas do not obstruct public spaces
  20. Each table will be served by only one staff member to reduce instances of contact.
  21. Minimised contact between kitchen workers and front of house workers. For example by having zones from which front of house staff can collect food.
  22. Have kept the back and front door open for ventilation purposes.
  23. More bins are available to prevent overflow.
  24. We are continuously communicating with our staff through email to keep them up to date on current guidelines.


Chatora would like to thank all guests who would like to dine with us during this time. We would like all our customers to cooperate in observing the following points while they are at Chatora.


  1. Please try and maintain social distancing by at least 1 metre where 2 metres is not possible.
  2. Please book in advance to avoid waiting and queuing outside.
  3. Please use hand sanitiser gel which are placed in prominent positions throughout the restaurant.
  4. If you are accompanied by children please supervise them to follow social distancing guidelines.
  5. Pre-allocation of table numbers will not be possible so specific table requests will not be possible.
  6. When outside please be considerate of neighbouring businesses and homes by maintaining low noise pollution.
  7. Please touch as little surfaces as possible by remaining at your table when possible and do not lean on counters when collecting takeaways.
  8. Please try and use contactless payments when possible.
  9. Please order online for delivery and takeaways. 
  10. Please follow the handwashing technique after using the toilet.
  11. Avoid touching your face and cough or sneeze into a tissue which is binned safely, or into your arm if a tissue is not available.
  12. Please do not queue by the entrance.
  13. Please note that police and local authorities have the power to enforce requirements in relation to social distancing. You may be asked to disperse or leave an area, issued a fixed penalty or further enforcement action if you do not comply.
  14. Please be aware that police officers may ask you to remove face coverings safely for the purpose of identification.